"Tracey inspires her students to delve deeply, to trust their impulses and to share. This is not the easiest thing with some students who may have spent most of their lives living behind a mask."

About Us

Developed by Tracey Erin Smith at Toronto’s Ryerson University’s ACT II Studio, SoulOTheatre is an innovative, interactive program designed to help people create, write, direct and star – in their own One-Person Show by transforming raw material from their lives into creative personal story telling performances. Smith’s process turns personal experience into compelling and entertaining theatre, with no prior acting experience necessary.

Participants take part in writing and theatre exercises to explore their lives, gaining insight into their trials and triumphs, as well as the wisdom they have earned; and share a ten-minute performance with an audience of friends and family at the end of the course.

Courses & Workshops

What’s YOUR Story?

Workshops and Intensives for people wanting to create One-Person Shows, Memoirs and explore their own Hero’s Journey.

For all levels of experience, from beginner to professional.

“Director Tracey Erin Smith shapes each of the stories for maximum impact: often within the space of a sentence, campy, laugh-out-loud observations turn dead serious, and then back again.”

- NOW Magazine (Critic’s Pick for SOULO)


Workshop Topics Include:

Your Theme



Character improvisation

Writing from a deep and honest place

Showcasing you

Workshopping Material



Fringe and Solo Festivals

Self Producing


“I was apprehensive to join the class because of my age; I am always the youngest person in the room, but I always feel like I’m older than I am. Tracey, a true soul, artist and person allowed me to be my youngest self and my oldest self in the class. The joy I had working in such a safe environment to explore my ideas was amplified by the magnificent and supportive group. It is scary, but it’s so much fun. This class was another step in the direction to understanding my soul, my being, who I am as a person and as an artist. Tracey is there %110 of the time and gives %110 of herself to helping her class. It is exhilarating and phenomenal to work with such a talented, beautiful soul. So, coming from a 19 year old, please take the class, think of me as you’re 19 year old self who is curious and is hoping for all the best for his/her future self.” – Lisa Alves, student/actor


“I was fortunate enough to take Tracey’s one week intensive workshop and it proved to be one of the best and most transformational experiences of my life as a performer, writer and human being.  Tracey truly has a beautiful and unique gift for helping you to accept where you are, embrace your fears and humanness, while at the same time guiding you to dig deep and pull your stories up and out in a safe, challenging, uber-creative, exciting and celebratory way.  I learned how to trust my instincts on a much deeper level and risk letting go, and as a result it has opened many doors of endless creative possibilities and personal growth.With infectious energy, play, unconditional love and support, humour and wisdom, she creates a very safe and powerful space to take an unforgettable creative journey.  I am still incorporating much of what I learned and can’t wait to take another course. Thank God we have Tracey Erin Smith – a true force of theatrical human nature who gives you many gifts that keep on giving…”  ~Julie Burris, Performer/Writer


“I took Tracey’s Soulo Theatre Workshop in February of 2014. When I walked in the first day, I had a lot of doubts about whether my story would be interesting enough to share – and did I even have a story?  Over the four days, through a series of theatre and writing exercises, Tracey gently guided and nurtured each of us to mine our own lives for our truths, our stories. By the end of workshop, we had not only revealed our journey, but an engaging way of telling them! On the last day, we presented our works-in-progress to friends and family, letting go of fears and revealing ourselves and our own hero’s journey.  I was so sorry to see the four days end – and I can’t wait to do another one!  Thank you so much, Tracey! ”

~Annie Rosenberg, Writer


“I attended the SOULO THEATRE class in Tel Aviv and it was amazing! Tracey is an amazing teacher and I was blessed to have such talented performers in my class critique my work. Really helped me get a start to writing my show and getting an outsiders feedback was awesome! Tracey kept the class working from start to finish. Honestly, I never experienced anything like this!”   ~Zachary Fox, Writer

“I came into Soul O Theatre wanting to create a stand-up comedy routine from a few of life’s defining moments. What I produced was a 10 minute, 14 song musical synopsis of my life as the hero`s journey. It was more than I expected mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With enormous humour, compassion and expertise, Tracey coaxes out a story that is yearning to be told and gives each person the stage and the courage to honour it.  It’s a delicious and satisfying self-gift everyone should receive.”  ~Tanya Chernova, Professional Speaker 


“Tracey,  Your workshops changed my life and helped me find…me. You push people out of their own way and on to a path where they can find their own strength and imagination. After attending two separate classes, something new can always be discovered and I would gladly take another again and again.  I would recommend your workshop to any writer who wishes to challenge themselves and wants explore the inner workings of their mind.  At 22, I thought I hadn’t lived enough to tell my story, but I now know that I am a well filled with plenty of them and so is everyone else.  Thank you so much.” 

  ~ Leia Warren, Actor/Singer, Toronto

“Tracey’s SoulOTheatre Workshop is a stunning experience on many levels — personal development, story exploration, show development and total fun!  I recommend it absolutely!”  ~Terri Tate, Storytelling Coach/Performer, San Francisco 


“I have been writing and performing for almost 20 years and, still, I learned a lot from the SOULO workshop. I have taken the class twice and I would do it again because I find the class is real alchemy for the soul. I recommend it to both, amateurs and profesional performers who want to write from the most intimate and strong centre of their being. ”  ~Martha Chaves, Comedian, Human Rights activist.


“I just completed an amazing workshop with Tracey Erin Smith. Tracey created the opportunity for us to approach our stories from multiple creative angles. Her enthusiasm and attention never wained. I was able to further develop my ideas for a solo show while having fun. The time flew by as we experienced a variety of unique exercises. I whole-heartedly recommend Tracey as a teacher, guide, coach, workshop leader and performer.

Tracey Erin Smith is a truly unique facilitator of creativity. I attended hundreds of workshops as part of my work over the past 25 years and I can honestly say that Tracey is the best. Her enormous enthusiasm and energy enabled each of us to grow creatively, safely explore the deeper regions of our stories and come out with rich material for future solo shows. Whether you are new to story telling or an experienced performer I encourage you to sign up for a workshop or class from Tracey. You can thank me later!”  ~ Nancy Margulies, author of “Mapping Inner Space: Learning and Teaching Visual Mapping”

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