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Drag Heals

Drag Heals Creator, Writing Coach, Acting Coach

Drag Heals is a hybrid stage workshop and documentary TV series (11x 30min) that follows eight drag artists over an intensive ten day workshop to build their own show. In each workshop, a guest coach joins stage director Tracey Erin Smith in exploring soul-deep story sharing techniques as well as the unique talents and skills required from a drag performer.


Tracey Erin Smith Sets Performers Free in “Drag Heals”

Erin Tatum, Cliché Magazine

Jan 4, 2023

Drag Heals - Season 3

Nov 21, 2022

Toronto-based TV series explores the healing powers of drag

CBC News

Jan 9, 2021

Tracey Erin Smith and Charlie David Talks New Season of ‘Drag Heals’

defective GEEKS

Oct 28, 2020

Five Fabulous Short TV Series and Films Worth Every Minute of Your Time

John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

Oct 27, 2020

Drag Heals Is the Queer Representation We Need on TV

Russ Martin, FLARE

Oct 2, 2020

“Canada’s Drag Heals actually is drag’s best friend race. The show, which was created by Tracey Erin Smith and heads into its second season on OutTV, Amazon and Apple TV on October 2, features no eliminations and an abundance of group hugs. The cast is an inclusive mix of backgrounds, ages and genders. And the show provides a blueprint for how to correct problematic behaviour without cancelling anyone. Drag Heals Is the Queer Representation We Need On TV.”

Toronto Life Magazine