Tracey Erin Smith is a "Tour de Force Theatre Artist" who works with people from all walks of life to help them tell their life stories on stage. She works with actors, comedians, bankers, lawyers, clergy, drag queens and everyone in between. 

Smith is an international artist, teacher and speaker who transforms the individuals and groups who work with her. Smith is also an award-winning performer and director.  



DRAG HEALS is a hybrid stage workshop and documentary TV series (11x 30min) that follows eight drag artists over an intensive ten day workshop to build their own show. In each workshop, a guest coach joins stage director Tracey Erin Smith in exploring soul-deep story sharing techniques as well as the unique talents and skills required from a drag performer.


For the first part of the theatre workshop I tried to hide who I was and what I needed and wanted to say behind a lot of intellectualizing, theorizing, and bullshit. I didn’t necessarily do this on purpose. But no matter; it wasn’t going to work. Tracey has the gift of insight. As in, she’ll see right into your center, and in the most gentle and tough way, bring something out of you that is vulnerable, and strong, and exquisitely beautiful. I am not finished this unfolding. Tracey got me started. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Dr. Richard Douglass-Chin


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