Tracey Erin Smith


“Tracey Erin Smith is a tour-de-force Canadian theater artist.”

~Lanie Zipoy, New York City, WORKS BY WOMEN


Tracey Erin Smith is an award winning and world renowned teacher and performer, a spiritual comedienne who believes in crazy-wisdom and practices reverent irreverence.

Tracey is the founder of the award-winning SOULO Theatre Company (Best Small Theatre, NOW Magazine 2014) the Artistic Director of SOULO NYC, Toronto’s SOULO Theatre Festival and the Co-Founder of the Totnes SOULO Theatre Festival in England.

Smith recently won a Broadway World Award for her solo show, “Memento Mori”. She has performed her hit one-woman shows; The Burning Bush! and Two in The Bush! in New York City (Off Broadway), Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Halifax.  The plays were Critic’s Pick in BackStage Magazine NYC, ‘Best of the Toronto Fringe Festival’ and won the ‘Audience Choice Award’ in New York City’s Frigid Festival.  She was a guest instructor for Israel’s Dream Doctors in Tel Aviv and an invited delegate to Canadian Stage’s Artist Educators Program in Toronto.  Tracey also presents SOULO Theatre Weekend Intensive internationally. 

Tracey is the founder and creator of SOULO Theatre®, a program designed to help actors and non-actors create their own one-person show by transforming raw material from their life-journey into creative solo performances. Actors and Writers in Tracey’s classes have gone on to perform their shows professionally across Canada and around the world.

SOULO Theatre® has been adapted and taught by Tracey in a variety of healing settings such as, for people living with cancer ( and it is the first program of its kind to be taught to Seniors in Community Living Facilities ( Tracey is so passionate about the positive effect of SOULO Theatre® that she is willing to bring it to your community regardless of where it is located in the world!

“The Canadian Solo Queen.”  ~All For One Theatre, New York City

”Smith’s 60 minute exploration of faith, humanity, and love deserves a broad congregation.”  -BACKSTAGE MAGAZINE

“Tracey Erin Smith has the art of entertainment refined to the point of hypnotism. The play comes together as a dazzling spectacle…Smith gives the impression that something divine is indeed being communicated through her.”

“****”  – eye WEEKLY

“Director Tracey Erin Smith, known for her skills with the solo show format, shapes each of the stories for maximum impact.  
Often, within the space of a sentence, campy, laugh-out-loud observations turn deadly serious and then back again.  
Hilarious, hard-hitting and ultimately uplifting.” 

Tracey is a popular instructor at Ryerson University’s ACT II STUDIO; and has taught improvisation at Toronto’s famous Second City. Tracey has been a guest expert on Breakfast Television (CITY TV) and Matchmaker (The Life Network). She is also a frequent Artist-in-Residence at creative and spiritual retreats in Canada and the U.S.Tracey was the co-host of Jobs 1,2,3! (Rogers TV) as well as the creator of a pilot for a series about creativity called CRE8-TV (produced by Coptor Productions, the co-producers of Ryan, the Academy Award winning animated short). As a singer, Tracey performs on a music CD for children called NAME YOUR TUNE! and was nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award (Vancouver’s Tony’s) for her performance in the world premiere of; The One That Got Away at Vancouver’s Chutzpah! Festival.

Tracey’s show…

‘snug harbor’

She couldn’t have been closer with her father.  They camped together, partied together and ate chocolate pudding.  Then one day he performed the ultimate magic trick which left her wondering, how do you face the unfaceable?

In September 2011, Tracey’s solo show, “sung harbor” was selected to have its World Premiere at the Solo Performance Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It was met with peels of laughter, tears and a standing ovation.

*****” ~The Charlebois Post

NNNN ~ NOW Magazine

What audience members are saying:

“Tracey Erin Smith’s ‘snug harbor’ includes us on her quest to understand the incomprehensible, leaving nothing unturned.  Her evocative performance is filled with compassion, irreverence, side-splitting humor and poignant insight.  A truly intimate invitation and presentation.  ‘snug harbor’ reminds us that we needn’t always fully understand each other in order to fully love.”

– Michelle Baker Vest, actor/writer/artist

snug harbor is a stunning show about love, coming to terms with our imperfections and our deep affection for our loved ones.  It’s heartbreaking and hilarious.  Moving and profound.  This is an important show for anyone who’s ever loved.”                                                                                                      

– Jacob Fischer, business owner

“What an amazing show. Tracey’s deft treatment and incredibly courageous performance is remarkably loving, revealing, intense, moving and shocking. But also funny and very honest. I hope you will have an opportunity to see this unique solo show very soon.”  Judith Ivanoff, Photographer

‘snug harbor’ had it’s American debut in 2011 Sante Fe Solo Performance Festival

and it’s Canadian Debut in the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival.  




Watch excerpts from Tracey Erin Smith’s hit show, ‘The Burning Bush!’,  intermingled with an interview with the performer.