snug harbor

Dear Friend,

Thank you for wanting to know more about my story. I am a teacher of personal storytelling and a performer and writer of one-woman shows.

Recently CBC Radio’s The Current produced a Documentary about my story and my new solo show.  It is called, “Left Behind” and you can listen to it by clicking here.

If you have lost a loved one to suicide, I am so sorry for your loss and can say that I understand much of what you are going through.  It is my mission with my new solo show to help bring this topic further out of the closet.
I lost my father on April 19th, 2010. I loved him very much and it was a devastating shock. I became determined early on to make sure something good came of this.

So I decided to do what I do best. I wrote a one-woman show about my relationship with my father and losing him to suicide. In the past my solo shows have won awards and been chosen as “Best of the Festival” in Toronto and New York City.

With this new show I am reaching out to meet others who have also lost someone in this way.  I believe this show is bigger than me.  I believe writing this show helped me heal. Watching it will let others know they are not alone and show anyone who may be contemplating suicide, how much they will be missed.

If you would like to get involved and help bring this show to Toronto and beyond, please write to me and become a part of our family of wonderful souls creating a unique show that will changes lives, and who knows, maybe even save one.

Thank you again for your time and care. I would love to meet you and hear YOUR story. You can contact me here. Together we can save lives, help people feel less isolated and create a great piece of theatre.


Tracey Erin Smith

Tracey’s NEW show…

*****”    “NNNN”   CRITIC’S PICK, NOW Magazine

Burning Bush Productions is a multi award-winning innovative theatre company based in Toronto and working across the globe. They are the creators and producers of the hit shows: “The Burning Bush!” and “Two in the Bush!”, Winners of Best of the Toronto Fringe (2006/2007) and Winners of Audience Choice Awards in New York City’s Frigid Festival (2007/2008).

Founder, Tracey Erin Smith, is the only solo performer to win Best of the Toronto Fringe and the Audience Choice Award in New York City’s Frigid Festival, two years in a row. This latest show, ‘snug harbor’ is her most personal and powerful show yet.

snug harbor
by Tracey Erin Smith
presented by Burning Bush Productions from Toronto, ON
Tracey & her Dad did everything together.
Canoed, partied, volunteered.
After an unspeakable magic trick,
he disappears.


*This show is present in a Site Specific Venue at the Toronto Fringe 2012. The location is THE CENTRE. A building used for psychotherapy and the training of psychotherapists. The show is presented as if the audience are members of a “Survivors of Suicide Support Group” and in this meeting of the group we hear Tracey’s story of losing her father how she re-found hope to carry on .


‘snug harbor’

She couldn’t have been closer with her father. They camped together, partied together and ate chocolate pudding. Then one day he performed the ultimate magic trick which left her wondering, how do you face the unfaceable?

In September 2011, Tracey’s newest solo show, “sung harbor” was selected to have its World Premiere at the Solo Performance Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was met with peals of laughter, tears and a standing ovation.

What audience members are saying:

“Tracey Erin Smith’s ‘snug harbor’ includes us on her quest to understand the incomprehensible, leaving nothing unturned. Her evocative performance is filled with compassion, irreverence, side-splitting humor and poignant insight. A truly intimate invitation and presentation. ‘snug harbor’reminds us that we needn’t always fully understand each other in order to fully love.” – Michelle Baker Vest

“snug harbor is a stunning show about love, coming to terms with our imperfections and our deep affection for our loved ones. It’s heartbreaking and hilarious. Moving and profound. This is an important show for anyone who’s ever loved.” – Jacob Fischer

“What an amazing show. Tracey’s deft treatment and incredibly courageous performance is remarkably loving, revealing, intense, moving and shocking. But also funny and very honest. I hope you will have an opportunity to see this unique solo show very soon.” – Judith Ivanoff


WRITER/PERFORMER: TRACEY ERIN SMITH is an award-winning solo performer based in Toronto. Her shows have had critical acclaim across Canada and in New York City. Her hit One-Woman Shows; The Burning Bush and Two in the Bush received the Critic’s Pick in New York’s Backstage Magazine and are currently in development as a new television series. She is the founder of SoulOTheatre, a method by which actors and non-actors use material from their lives to create short solo theatre pieces. She has been interviewed about her work on a variety of television shows.

Smith is a popular instructor at Ryerson University’s ACT II STUDIO; and has been a guest expert on Breakfast Television (CITY TV) and Matchmaker (The Life Network). Smith was nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award (Vancouver’s Dora’s) for her performance in the world premiere of; The One That Got Away at Vancouver’s Chutzpah! Festival.

This past fall Smith was invited as the headline artist at the Sante Fe Solo Performance Festival in New Mexico, with her latest solo show, snug harbor. This July snug harbor will have it’s Canadian premiere in the Toronto Fringe Festival.

“Tracey Erin Smith is a tour-de-force Canadian theater artist.” ~Lanie Zipoy, WORKS BY WOMEN, New York City

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This is Anita’s third collaboration working as director/dramaturge with Tracey Erin Smith. Past shows include snug harbor (Santa Fe Solo Performance Festival), The Burning Bush (Young Centre for Performing Arts, NYC Frigid Festival, Vancouver Chutzpah Festival and The Festival of Jewish Theatre and Ideas in NYC), and Two In the Bush (Toronto Fringe). Other recent directing credits include The Witch of Edmonton (York University), Igor Stravinsky’s A Soldier’s Story (SummerWorks), Shiksas Sit Shiva (Toronto Fringe) and MUD (SummmerWorks). Anita has also been busy directing/dramaturging several new play workshops.

Selected acting credits include The Brothers Karamazov (Wordsmyth Theatre), Madre (Aluna Theatre), The Melville Boys (Drayton), The Carpenter, Carmela’s Table (Centaur Theatre), The Perfect Pitch (Lighthouse Festival), Bye Bye Baby (Imago Theatre), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Kingston Symphony/Thousand Islands Playhouse) and The Oresteia (Theatre Kingston). She also spent 4 years as a Series Regular on the television series Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict (Gemini Nomination).

Anita holds an MFA in Directing from York University and is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

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Lara has been performing for years. She first discovered stand up while attending Humber College’s Comedy Writing and performance program. She then left , moving back home to pursue her dream of becoming the best damn waitress Bradford had ever seen. Of course, never satisfied, after reaching this goal she moved to Toronto to chase the bigger one. Moving from stand up comedian to improvisor, she began her training with The Bad Dog Theatre, then acting with Equity Showcase, and later abroad at The Stella Adler Studio(NYC), UCB (NYC) and The Annoyance Theatre(Chicago). Lara recently added Second City Conservatory Graduate to her resume. Currently, she now lives in the annex with her cat Murphy while she develops her first one woman show and works with her improv duo Broad Stewart , who were just accepted into the first annual Chicago Womens Funny Festival this June.

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PRAISE & AWARDS for Smith’s previous One-Woman Shows:




BEST BETS: Globe & Mail 2007, Toronto

“…the actor-writer manages to make each character so clear that at one point she lucidly does a four person scene alone on stage. She’s a dynamic and gifted performer in every respect, matched by a solid director in Anita La Selva. Smith’s 60 minute exploration of faith, humanity, and love deserves a broad congregation.”


“The Burning Bush! is a total crowd-pleaser. Theatergoers (and deep-pocketed commercial producers) should check it out while they still have the chance”.
–, New York City

“Like the very best preachers Tracey Erin Smith…doesn’t actually preach to her congregation. Instead the exuberant and passionate Smith actively listens to her audience, connecting, engaging and adjusting as she segues effortlessly from embodying the uptight Barbara to becoming a variety of diverse characters. “The Burning Bush!” is one hell of an act of salvation.”, NYC

“The Burning Bush is one divine comedy.” -Eye Magazine

“Tracey Erin Smith has the art of entertainment refined to the point of hypnotism. The play comes together as a dazzling spectacle…Smith gives the impression that something divine is indeed being communicated through her.”

“….a terrific production. Smith is a vibrant and engaging young woman. She is clever and spirited, and a brilliant essayist. How she builds her premise that features a dropout from rabbinical school who finds her metier teaching the mysteries of Kabala to striptease artists is an absolute delight. The host of characters for which Smith skillfully voices are a wonderfully wacky group if ever there was one.”

“A uniquely fun night at the theatre. Two in the Bush! is a sincere piece of theatre that is at once funny and moving — with a fantastic energy and a real message of hope and love. Go check out Two in the bush!”

“A definite must see.”
– Eye magazine

“Tracey Erin Smith is a consummate entertainer who combines Madonna music, pole-dancing and Star of David Go-Go boots to reveal that the fine line between the striptease and the religious experience is not only hilarious – it’s a revelation.”

“What a fantastic journey!! A powerful, transformative exploration of the many faces of God. Brilliantly funny and provocative. Touching on core issues of God, spirituality, femininity, and sexuality ‘The Burning Bush!’ is an unforgettable story that liberates.”

“Hilarious and high spirited!”

“Smith captivates the audience…An exceptional talent…commanding.”

“Tracey Erin Smith’s lean script and flawless portrayal of a conflicted spiritual leader/amateur stripper will leave you emotionally naked, pensive and a little turned on.”