“To watch Tracey with her students is to watch a master at work.”

-Nicole Ascroft   Actor/Writer/Clown


“I came into the class feeling skeptical that my story that would be of any interest to anyone but myself. What I found was a wonderful group of people who validated my life’s narrative and helped me to give my story value through the creation of my 10 minute piece. This workshop is guided by a woman with enough wisdom, depth and personal experience to boundlessly lead all of us down the rabbit holes of our inner souls. I now feel ready and energized to take my new-found skills and run with the wolves.”  -Morgan Joy, performer/educator


“The seed was planted four years prior when I saw a friend perform at soulo. This year I took a leap of faith and joined too. Tracey held me in her heart throughout the whole journey and probably literally would have carried me if I had asked. Her belief in me (and in the process) however allowed me to carry myself in the end. It was all me. The growth is tremendous. Do the work she asks and you will have the greatest gift of all: your true story. The one you may not have even thought you’d ever tell. And when you share it, it will feel right. You will then look at Tracey and smile knowing all the struggles of getting your thoughts out on paper, of her challenging you to keep moving forward when you felt stuck, small and unworthy, were worth every moment and that she knew this all along. I danced and sang in my soulo performance. Who knows what you will do!
As an added bonus you get a crash course in theatre production by creating your own set design, learning about lighting and blocking and all the other things that go into developing a show. There is no better way to tell your story but through theatre. This is what Tracey knows and the opportunity she offers. I’m forever grateful. And I’m in.

Thank you forever Tracey.    

Love, Paola”


“When I signed up for Tracey’s class I had a certain project in mind. It had been a while since I had been on stage and I was very excited to find such a nurturing playful space and storytelling midwife to get back to it. With a class of lovely courageous companions, Tracey encouraged me to dive deeper into the underbelly of my original idea, resulting in an authentic story of which I am proud, and the drive to build a larger piece. I feel like I have returned home.”  -Chris Veldhoveneducator/storyteller/performer


“Tracey Erin Smith revels in her work. She is a fearless explorer and she loves life and the theatre of people’s souls and stories. She enthusiastically shares all this with her students in ways that wake us up, help us peel away our inhibitions, shine light into the shadows of our experience and develop theatre pieces that we can then excitedly give to our own audiences. People who tell you that a SoulO course changed their lives are not exaggerating, it’s true.”    -Frances Rooney, social worker/writer


“I was apprehensive to join the class because of my age; I am always the youngest person in the room, but I always feel like I’m older than I am. Tracey, a true soul, artist and person allowed me to be my youngest self and my oldest self in the class. The joy I had working in such a safe environment to explore my ideas was amplified by the magnificent and supportive group. It is scary, but it’s so much fun. This class was another step in the direction to understanding my soul, my being, who I am as a person and as an artist. Tracey is there %110 of the time and gives %110 of herself to helping her class. It is exhilarating and phenomenal to work with such a talented, beautiful soul. So, coming from a 19 year old, please take the class, think of me as you’re 19 year old self who is curious and is hoping for all the best for his/her future self.” – Lisa Alves, student/actor


“I was fortunate enough to take Tracey’s one week intensive workshop and it proved to be one of the best and most transformational experiences of my life as a performer, writer and human being.  Tracey truly has a beautiful and unique gift for helping you to accept where you are, embrace your fears and humanness, while at the same time guiding you to dig deep and pull your stories up and out in a safe, challenging, uber-creative, exciting and celebratory way.  I learned how to trust my instincts on a much deeper level and risk letting go, and as a result it has opened many doors of endless creative possibilities and personal growth.With infectious energy, play, unconditional love and support, humour and wisdom, she creates a very safe and powerful space to take an unforgettable creative journey.  I am still incorporating much of what I learned and can’t wait to take another course. Thank God we have Tracey Erin Smith – a true force of theatrical human nature who gives you many gifts that keep on giving…”  ~Julie Burris, Performer/Writer


“I took Tracey’s Soulo Theatre Workshop in February of 2014. When I walked in the first day, I had a lot of doubts about whether my story would be interesting enough to share – and did I even have a story?  Over the four days, through a series of theatre and writing exercises, Tracey gently guided and nurtured each of us to mine our own lives for our truths, our stories. By the end of workshop, we had not only revealed our journey, but an engaging way of telling them! On the last day, we presented our works-in-progress to friends and family, letting go of fears and revealing ourselves and our own hero’s journey.  I was so sorry to see the four days end – and I can’t wait to do another one!  Thank you so much, Tracey! ”

~Annie Rosenberg, Writer


“I attended the SOULO THEATRE class in Tel Aviv and it was amazing! Tracey is an amazing teacher and I was blessed to have such talented performers in my class critique my work. Really helped me get a start to writing my show and getting an outsiders feedback was awesome! Tracey kept the class working from start to finish. Honestly, I never experienced anything like this!”   ~Zachary Fox, Writer

“I came into Soul O Theatre wanting to create a stand-up comedy routine from a few of life’s defining moments. What I produced was a 10 minute, 14 song musical synopsis of my life as the hero`s journey. It was more than I expected mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With enormous humour, compassion and expertise, Tracey coaxes out a story that is yearning to be told and gives each person the stage and the courage to honour it.  It’s a delicious and satisfying self-gift everyone should receive.”  ~Tanya Chernova, Professional Speaker 


“Tracey,  Your workshops changed my life and helped me find…me. You push people out of their own way and on to a path where they can find their own strength and imagination. After attending two separate classes, something new can always be discovered and I would gladly take another again and again.  I would recommend your workshop to any writer who wishes to challenge themselves and wants explore the inner workings of their mind.  At 22, I thought I hadn’t lived enough to tell my story, but I now know that I am a well filled with plenty of them and so is everyone else.  Thank you so much.” 

  ~ Leia Warren, Actor/Singer, Toronto

“Tracey’s SoulOTheatre Workshop is a stunning experience on many levels — personal development, story exploration, show development and total fun!  I recommend it absolutely!”  ~Terri Tate, Storytelling Coach/Performer, San Francisco 


“I have been writing and performing for almost 20 years and, still, I learned a lot from the SOULO workshop. I have taken the class twice and I would do it again because I find the class is real alchemy for the soul. I recommend it to both, amateurs and profesional performers who want to write from the most intimate and strong centre of their being. ”  ~Martha Chaves, Comedian, Human Rights activist.


“I just completed an amazing workshop with Tracey Erin Smith. Tracey created the opportunity for us to approach our stories from multiple creative angles. Her enthusiasm and attention never wained. I was able to further develop my ideas for a solo show while having fun. The time flew by as we experienced a variety of unique exercises. I whole-heartedly recommend Tracey as a teacher, guide, coach, workshop leader and performer.

Tracey Erin Smith is a truly unique facilitator of creativity. I attended hundreds of workshops as part of my work over the past 25 years and I can honestly say that Tracey is the best. Her enormous enthusiasm and energy enabled each of us to grow creatively, safely explore the deeper regions of our stories and come out with rich material for future solo shows. Whether you are new to story telling or an experienced performer I encourage you to sign up for a workshop or class from Tracey. You can thank me later!”  ~ Nancy Margulies, author of “Mapping Inner Space: Learning and Teaching Visual Mapping”


“What Tracey gives is extreme passion, dedication and experience in the playing field of creating solo work. Through exercises of mapping out a show by finding themes, characters and ways in to uncovering each, I was able to see more clearly how my show will unfold. I was given possibilities and inspiration. I am much more equipped to turn my first draft into a great piece of theatre.”  ~ Megan Dunlop, Actor/Playwright, NYC

“What fantastic weekend, Tracey Erin Smith! I woke up revitalized and inspired; mounted on my winged horse, in full hero regalia, to continue the journey I started with you and the soulo sisters!  

I thank my lucky stars, Joseph Campbell and Dr. Jung for pointing me in your direction.  And Tracey, I also thankful that you didn’t become a Rabbi and instead you became a fabulous writer, performer, teacher-shaman, and above all… a miner for a heart of gold!  Your exercises kick ass, your method is flawless and nurturing and you deserve an award for, passion, dedication, and the intuitive direction that induced this veteran comic to leave her comic comfort zone and find magic beyond the laughing mask.” ~ Martha E. Chaves , award-winning comedian / Just for Laughs

“This course has changed my life. I finally know why I’m here on this crazy earth. To tell my story. The SoulOTheatre class showing was the first time in my entire acting career that I felt people have seen the real me. My friends were stunned, and so thrilled for all of us. I learned so much about myself and am so grateful to have shared my experiences with a group of such wonderful, powerful women!  Let the inspiration run rampant!”

~ Mckenzi Scott, actress/playwright/musician

“Tracey helped me unearth a wealth of ideas, feelings and truths in my life.  She showed me the way to use all my gifts and exerpeinces in life thus far to help others while entertaining them.”

~ Maria Sant’Angela, Actress/Singer

“The workshop with Tracey lifted the horror of writing and wrapped me up with hope and determination that my voice was worth listening to.”

~ Maria Del Mar, Actress, star of Terminal City 

“Like a spiritual sherpa, Tracey guides you through the mountainous terrain that is your individual existence.  I met my demons and my friends. Together we created a piece of my life journey and brought it to the communal fire to share. My life and career are forever made better for it.”

~ Terrence Bryant, professional actor

“Tracey puts her heart and soul into this weekend intensive. She is a focussed and passionate teacher who gives smart feedback, provides a safe space for students to be vulnerable and above all, encourages you to go forward with your work, whatever that work may be.  I am not a performer; but the techniques Tracey teaches and the creativity she inspires can be applied to almost any aspect of your life, whether it’s teacher, writer, student or someone up for a new creative experience.  I whole heartedly recommend it.”

~D. F. Boxill, Writer/Blogger/PR Specialist 

“Tracey’s work is transformative, soulful and succinct.  She offers many useful tools for the craft of one-person show creation.  I would recommend her hightly to anyone with a show inside, waiting to be born!”

~ L. Nashman, Award-Winning Musician/Activist 

“Words cannot express how important this work has been for me.  With Tracey’s guidance and exercises, I’ve learned to trust my spontaneous stream of consciousness which helped to reveal important self-revealing memories that would become an incredible impetus for the story I created and for stories I will create in the near future. She’s become my mentor, my guide and my Obi-Wan Kenobi.”
~ Lorne Hiro, actor/writer

“Tracey’s workshop has been an absolute gift.  Her passion, integrity, instinct and raw talent has enabled me to know myself in many new extraordinary ways.  Her love of her students and her work is what propels everyone forward and for that I am forever grateful.”
~ Mckenzie Scott, Actress/Writer/Musician

“I came to SoulO with my dukes up, a real know-it-all. Tracey grabbed my heart so quickly.  After the first three hours I was giggling and bouncing around like a kid.  My soul was given permission to “come out” and say Hello!  I felt immediately safe and though I fought the auto-biographical angle, I was free to tell my story and it felt F&%KING GREAT.  It helped me,  “GET OVER MYSELF AND ONTO THE PAGE”.  I recommend it not just to performers, but to all humans.”
~ Christopher Sawchyn, Actor/Director/Teacher

“Tracey Erin Smith teaches a great class.  Over three days you learn more about your self simply through writing about it.  What you get out of the experience are the building blocks of what will presumable be a great solo show, with a depth you wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Two and a half thumbs up!”
~ Matt Shury, Professional Comedian/Amateur Crime-Fighter

“BEST WEEKEND EVER!!  This was my third SoulOTheatre Workshop and it amazes me how much I get out of it each time – personally, creatively and spiritually.  Being able to share this process and journey with a group of artists has been such a huge blessing and support for me.  It has been the safest environment to share my personal stories and that’s because of Tracey’s ability to go there with you – in every way.”
~ Irma Gagnon, T.V. Host, NYC & Toronto

“Tracey sets ground rules that allow people to work with each others strengths, to find the beauty in each others’ work.  Watching Tracey was like taking a crash course in being a master teacher.”
~ Ellen Shapiro, Storyteller & Teacher, NYC

“What an energizing weekend!  It was like turning on the facet and letting the creative juices flow.  Stimulating conversations, questions and profound epiphanies abound.  Tracey is like a personal trainer for your Art Brain!”
~ Shawn Shafner, Teaching Artist & Performer, NYC

“Thank you Tracey, for using your talents for teaching, coaching, storytelling and bringing work to the stage to minister to others in such a transformative way!”
~ Angela Klassen, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto

“I felt 100% safe, supported, encouraged and inspired.  Tracey is an absolute joy to work with!  I am coming away with a renewed sense of creative purpose and faith in my ability to realize my artistic dreams.”
~ Elizabeth Kemler, Actor, NYC

“This weekend was not just life changing as an artist – it was life changing as a human.  This has been one of the most important moments in my artistic life and I feel like Tracey helped me launch a new journey.  She is a tremendously generous spirit and teacher.  This class will benefit anyone who wants to wake up, look back, so that they can move on.”
~ W.Nolan, Actor/Writer, New York City

“This weekend gave me the opportunity to explore parts of myself that were previsouly untapped – and expand parts of me that I already knew existed.  Watching the other participants was pretty powerful.  The layered characters; subtle body movements, slight speech changes, gave me that ‘I can do that too’ feeling  Tracey is brilliant at this, her passion, creativity and soul shine through.  Thank you!”
~ S. Alemian, Speaker/Author, New York City

“I truly feel like I’ve been blessed to participate in this workshop.  When I met Tracey face-to-face, she was so enthusiastic and excited about me:  getting to know me a bit, hearing my stories, talking about my few ideas.  It just made me happy. In getting down to work and the exploration of one-person shows, Tracey expertly and sensitively moved between the very different participants and I would bet the other participants felt the same way I did; that my needs and questions and uniqueness was supported and celebrated.  I love the exercises – “Just go!” &  “Just write!”,  she would say and her confidence in me helped me do just that.  Tracey brought out so many good and interesting ideas from me.  She’s not afraid to suggest, to encourage and her exercises facilitate a kind of blossoming, as well as being totally F*@king fun!  I think I was most amazed by Tracey’s generosity: to be an artist, a currently working, successful artist,  who’s willing to take your hand, lead you into the tunnel and show you some tricks along the way, is a gift.  One last thing:  I feel like everyone must fall in love with her.  How could you not?  To be in her presence is to fall in love — with her, and even maybe with yourself.”
~ M. Hendrikse, Voice-over and Animation Actress, Vancouver

“We were led through a series of writing and performing exercises that challenged us to reach deep inside.   Tracey helped us to find the glittering gems nestled there and showed us tips and tricks for weaving them into a bejeweled tapestry of story.  Drawing upon universal plots and themes found in world mythology, we were able to conceive the beginning of a solo-show that would resonate with audiences.  Tracey creates a safe place warmed by her vast compassion and deep understanding of the human drama.  In this place we could explore extremes of character and situations and find the powerful and sometimes painful truths that are the heart of great theatre.

Wherever my journey takes me, the SoulOTheatre experience will stay with me and help me to grow in understanding of myself and those around me.  There is no question that my writing will be better for it.  I dare to hope that my life will be as well.  For that I am grateful to Tracey, and love her as one can only love a great teacher and mentor.”
~ J. Walsh, Writer & Librarian, Vancouver

“I LOVED this workshop.  Encouraging, empowering and inspiring.  It grounded my work and gave it wings.  I never really thought of doing a show before.  I thought that was for other much more talented people – real actors.  Not me.  Now I’m actually thinking about it for the first time.  I’m excited to see where this will go.”
~ S. Shaw, Actor, Toronto

“There is power in exploring the truth of your life story, and sharing it on the stage. Tracey Erin Smith is the best of the best. Authentic and Audacious. Accomplished and Awesome. This is a wonderful course!”
~ Darlene Chrissley, Coach/Speaker, Toronto

“Once I had the ‘chapters’ of my story, I was able to see at a glance what my theme was.  I finally got down the story I’ve been trying to write for the past 5 years!  The MindMap was basically the outline to a book I’ve never been able to do.”
~ N. Anglin, Writer, Toronto

“I loved how safe I felt to share my stories.  Tracey created a nurturing, loving, encouraging environment from the get-go.  I love the format of sharing and when Tracey says ‘ready for some feedback?’.  It’s so genuine and caring and if anyone needed to say ‘no’, you knew that would be OK.  I learned that my story is powerful and accessible and moving.  I learned I can touch people and that it pays to just got for it!”
~ A. Godfrey, Actress, New York City

“This workshop was like a delicious and nutritious 50-course meal!”
~ H. Marks

“The weekend was 100% helpful.  It forced me to make decisions.  It opened up ideas and helped me have faith in my ideas.”
~ S. Pascuzzi

“I enjoyed everything about this course.  Extremely helpful were the mind maps and the use of the Hero’s Journey.  I already took the ten-session course and this weekend workshop gave me even more insight towards completing my final draft.  Tracey, you’re a wonderful and a passionate and giving teacher.”
~ J. Desotto

“What did I enjoy most about this course?  Every moment.  The entire process has been so positive and encouraging.  I didn’t have a show when I came, I had fragments of ideas.  It’s so exciting seeing them start to take shape.  This was exactly what I needed and what a warm, wonderful, inspiring way to begin!  Tracey’s belief in my work was infectious!  I’m beginning to believe in it too!”
~ M. Mandnias

“This course gave me the missing pieces to the puzzle and made them fit. It made a daunting task doable.  Tracey says: ‘Yes you can’ and it becomes possible.”
~ M. Hiller

“I got practical advice, real stuff I can use and take with me when I work on my show.  Tracey gave us permission to just go ahead and be free.  She has a great ability to include everyone and never made us feel inadequate.  She shares practical advice as an artists and an equal.”
~ W. Brown

“Let me count the things I enjoyed about this workshop: I can now fix a show that’s OLD.  I can now write a show that’s NEW.  I can now tap into a writing technique with assurance and confidence, that before this course was merely BORROWED.  I have returned to a state of energy, peace and joy, so I’m no longer BLUE.  Tracey’s guidance, facilitation, love, kindness, generosity and power make this experience so very meaningful.”
~ R. Robins

“I feel like my stories are worth telling and I am totally inspired to continue the development through the exercises in the workbook provided. I feel I have a little tool-box now! I am overjoyed with this workshop and am recommending it to friends.”
~ J. Greenberg

“This workshop broke down my fears and juiced up my creativity!  It freed me up immensely!”
~ P. Thomson

“I have taken the weekend workshop, as well as a 10 week in-depth with Tracey and both were fantastic.  Tracey is a generous, inspiring and wise teacher whose workshops guarantee growth and delight regardless of a person’s background or reason for signing up. Her weekend intensive is relevant for performers and writers, and also for anyone who wants to learn how to generate compelling content and tell engaging stories. She is kindhearted and funny as hell; able to put people at ease and foster group dynamics that encourage people to be truly supportive and to root for one another’s greatness.”
~ Beth Easten, V.P., Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

“You’ll have to go a long way to experience a learning opportunity that is as instructive and nourishing as Tracey Erin Smith’s SoulOTheatre Intensive Workshop.  While she doesn’t claim to be doing therapy her gentle confrontations and invitations to explore our own personal world can result in real personal growth as well as the beginning of a script – one with soul.  I’m talking as a newborn playwright – one with over 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist.”
~ David Abbey, PhD, CPsych. Registered Psychologist

“I adore this workshop.  Tracey is without a doubt the most intuitive mentor I have ever worked with.  She radiates trust and heartfelt respect and love for every participant, inspiring us to truly reveal all nooks and crannie of ourselves, area which have long been masked – not just from society but from ourselves as well.  I discovered that I am fearless.  A remarkable experience.”
~ Pam Hyatt, Actor

“Tracey is a mighty champion in the fight for freedom and the cause of full self expression as a gift to the world to show us what’s possible when we commit.”
~ Darlene Chrissley, Coach

“I’ve taken two of Tracey Erin Smith’s SoulOTheatre courses at Ryerson University and highly recommend them. Tracey is a gifted and sensitive facilitator for the creative process and it’s great fun. We all have stories to tell and you don’t have to have a theatre or writing background to tap into your own inner story-teller. This is a wonderful opportunity. Sign up! You won’t regret it, I guarantee!”
~ I. Cummings

“Tracey is a remarkable spiritual human being and a brilliant teacher.  For nine years now she has been teaching a special course she developed at our Studio called “SoulOTheatre” – where people develop one-person shows using their life experience. The performances that result at the end of each of these courses are a high point in our Studio’s creative output. Tracey inspires her students to delve deeply, to trust their impulses, and to share. This is not the easiest thing with some students who may have spent most of their lives living behind a mask. Tracey helps them to emerge and get in touch with their authenticity. Tracey steers her students to create something universal which is shared and from which the audience can understand what it is to be human. Several students have repeated Tracey’s course because they feel that she has led them to deep levels of self-understanding. Tracey is a gifted, inspiring and wonderful teacher.”
~ Vrenia Ivanoffsk, Artistic Director, ACT II STUDIO, Ryerson University

“I just completed Tracey’s class and absolutely LOVED IT. The Soul-O-Theatre class was fantastic! She encouraged us to find the writer in all of us. Tracey is a lovely, warm and caring person who provides excellent direction and encouragement during the creative process. I recommend her class to everyone!!”
~ S. Voltan

“When I came to the workshop the first day, I honestly thought, how can I do this? But we did and it was certainly one of the most outstanding and magical moments in my life. Through an excellent workbook and active writing in class, encouragement and feedback from participants and Tracey Erin Smith (who has an incredibly positive attitude), all of us bonded and loved the process of creating your own one person show. It was cathartic, funny, emotional and uplifting and I thank Tracey for her knowledge, encouragement, direction, coaching and love because they are the elements of a fine teacher. The workshop gave me the confidence and realization that yes, I can actually write my own show. It appeared daunting at first, but after 6 weeks, we did it!”
~ J. Desotto, Actor

“This kind of work does change the world.  It reveals things about ourselves that other people need to know.  All I can say is, wow.”
~ B. Cook, Actor, TV Writer

“WOW! Thank you, Tracey, for sharing your passion with me. You were able to get me talking about things in my life I thought I would never talk publicly about AND things I realized I hardly even knew about myself. It was an experience of a life time… truly a pivotal moment in my journey… I will always treasure it. Thank you for guiding me back to my most authentic SELF. I feel so ALIVE! Thank you for believing in me and my story.”
~ A. Defreitas, Actor/Dancer

“I took the Soul-O Theatre class with Tracey Erin Smith and I enjoyed it immensely. I am a retired human resources trainer and career consultant 73 years young. This course made me get back to writing of things long forgotten. As well, it made me do some real soul-searching, digging deep, and what I ended up with was a performance scene of hopes and dreams long forgotten. The class was an intoxicating and bonding experience. I think this class would be enjoyed by everyone who is looking for a new challenge. The personal pride one gets from writing and performing their own work is beyond compare.”
~ Goldie Spencer, Story Teller

“I found Tracey’s Soul-O-Theatre class not only stimulating but energizing and gravity-defying. For me, journeying through the creative process; peeling back the layers one by one; freeing up the soul unleashed creative energy previously untapped and unknown. By working through Tracey’s exercises each week and the weekly ‘home~play’ assignments, one comes ever closer to visualizing, developing and presenting a show. Tracey unlocks the key to your soul and sets it free. I grew so much during our 10 weeks together that I am eternally grateful. Tracey manages to help everyone come up with and polish a 10 minute one person show!”
~ S. Smith, Retired Teacher

“Tracey helped me see in a new way how everyday living, both past and present, is fodder for performance. Using her individual and group exercises, I was stretched and challenged and most importantly of all, had fun in the creation process. She is an excellent example of someone who lives her passions and capably shares her knowledge, skill and experience with others. I would recommend any class with Tracey and I’ll be back for more.” – D. Renolds, Actor/Clown

“Tracey is an unbelievable person/teacher/mentor and all round nice gal … no wonder everyone loves her so much. Her ability to bring out things in us that perhaps we would be more comfortable keeping bottled up … is astounding … and by doing that … she gives us a freedom from our burdens and self perceived past and give us the tools to explore our futures with abandonment and joy! I look forward to the next time I can take the class! I use her wonderful workbook, in fact, I’m almost out of space and I have collected so much stuff I almost have a book of my own.”
~ C. Zaza, Retired Homemaker

“Tracey, Just want to tell you how much I loved the last Soul-0-Theatre class. It was the second time I’d taken your class and I wondered whether there would be another story for me to tell. Of course my concern was groundless. As before you guided me to my finished performance, with which I am extremely pleased. I loved the whole process, the exercises which gave me various avenues to explore, some of which I didn’t want to, others, including “Fearless”, which offered so much potential. I’d recommend Soul-o-Theatre to anyone, young or old. It is a most creative exercise and with your guidance, I don’t believe there is a person who could not come up with a 5 minute solo performance. I’m in my sixties and was a direct marketing sales manager before I retired. With those years behind me and with your guidance, I will never again think I’ve run out of stories. I certainly plan try for a 3rd solo performance next year. And Tracey, I think you are a truly inspirational teacher.
~ V. White