When you hear someone’s story it’s impossible to hate them.

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Hello Dear One’s,

When you hear someone’s story it is impossible to hate them.

In order to feel the kind of hate that is necessary for violence and genocide we must dehumanize the other. We must think of them as less than ourselves, having nothing in common with us and we must believe that their destruction is necessary for our safety.

When you know someone’s story you see them in full living colour, a 3D human being with trials and triumphs, just like you. Now this being who has made you laugh and cry as they told you their story, is no longer a threat. Even better, they are a mirror to your own struggles and dreams, a fellow traveller on this strange and glorious road called life.

Tracey Erin Smith

P.S.  To begin this magical process of listening, join us on February 12th, from 2pm-5pm, for We The Women, an Open Space Technology mini-conference where the participants create the topics and content. 

children walking black and white

To be a person is to have a story to tell.

Within each of us there is a tribe with a complete cycle of legends and dances, songs to be sung.

-Sam Keen

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