You’re An Artist. You Have Value. You Have A Story. Here’s What Happens When You Combine The Two…

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An Open Letter To Artists,

For 15 years I’ve been helping people better communicate Who They Are, What They Do and Why Anybody Should Care?

I’ve done this for companies like Walmart and every major bank in North America.

This got me thinking…

Artists need to know how to do this too.

Here’s the simplest way I can explain it: You combine Your Story with Your Value to Others.

I call it your Value Story.

A Value Story Contains 4 Things:

1. The work you’ve done that you are most proud of.
2. The value others received from it.
3. What you are looking for in future work, projects or partnerships.
4. What you bring to the table in these partnerships or work opportunities.

When to use Your Value Story:

1. When asking a person you admire to work with you. Or asking a business to partner with you as a sponsor.
2. At networking gatherings when someone says, “What do you do?”.
3. When submitting a Grant Proposal or scripting your Fund Raising Video.
4. When building a team of fellow artists to create something awesome, like a Festival or Co-Production.

Know your VALUE. ~*~ Go forth and DO EPIC SHIT!
All My Best,
Tracey Erin Smith

Artistic Director

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