On The Road Again: What to Take!

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Dear Solo Performer,

This is a post about what to take on the road with you as a Solo Performer.

The fool stepping off the cliff with her sack tied to a stick is a great image for solo performers heading out on the road.   You carry your dreams, your show and all kinds of other little tricks in your bag.  The key is to make sure you have everything you need for a kick-ass, fun and professional run on the road.


For almost 7 years I have traveled with my solo shows, from Vancouver to Halifax to New York City to Santa Fe and Tel Aviv.  Based on what I’ve learned, some of it the hard way and some from common sense,  I’ve put together a few “Check-Lists” for what to take with you on the road!

Here you go…


  1. Costume & Show Shoes
  2. Props
  3. Set
  4. Make-Up
  5. Your script
  6. Extra copy of your script (for safety!)
  7. Stage Managers script, with lighting and sound cues
  8. Your Show Music on your computer/ipod and a back-up copy on CD
  9. Extra water bottles, to place off stage in case you need them


  1. Chewing gum
  2. Throat lozenges
  3. Sesame oil to put up your nose before flights and in dry climates to prevent colds  (Naturopath recommended and it works!…smells a little like sesame seeds, because it is!)
  4. Q-Tips, to put the sesame oil up your nose.
  5. A travel kettle – I never leave home without it.  You can have tea or other warm drinks at your leisure in the room or take them back stage.
  6. Your favorite Teas
  7. Honey – for the above warm beverages
  8. Back Flower Rescue Remedy (ask for it at drugstores or health food stores, in gum form or in a tincture) – It’s a natural way to help calm nerves and stress, without a hangover or embarrassing moments in the Fringe Tent
  9. Aspirin – in case you chose another way to deal with stress and anxiety the night before
  10. Any prescription meds you use
  11. Phone Calling Card
  12. Long Distance & Surfing Plan on your Cell – VERY IMPORTANT!
  13. Yoga Mat for stretching, warms ups and maybe even, um Yoga.
  14. Your favorite music to dance to and your favorite relaxing music to calm your ‘night before opening’ jitters.
  15. Warm up clothes
  16. Epson Salts and bubble bath
  17. Candles & matches
  18. Hot Cereals packets
  19. Cup-O-Soups  (anything that you can just add boiling water to and have a meal!)
  20. Granola or Power Bars
  22. Vitamins & Vitamin C Powder


  1. Biz Cards – Your name, contact, website, catch phrase or great review quote, the dates, times and location of your shows
  2. Postcards for your show
  3. Mailing List – to place outside the theatre, so after people fall in love with you, they can write their info on The List and you can stay in touch and tell them what you’re up to.
  4. Markers, Pens, Pencils, Glue stick, Tape, Push Pins, Elastics – To help put up your promo stuff and make signs if you have to.
  5. Show posters
  6. One pager of info to hand to media people before they interview you, in case they know nothing about you and your show.  (Your name, show’s title, dates, times, venue name and address, how to get tickets, your bio, bio’s of other key people, theme/topic/plot of the show) OR if they do know about your show, you can hold this to give quick and accurate info when they ask for details.
  7. Thank-You Cards!  (Techies often prefer a beer over a Thank-You Card but most people love a hand written Thank-You card…and a beer.)
  8. City Map
  9. Local Cash
  10. Lap Top, iPad, iPod
  11. A notebook, for new ideas.  You may just find your next show, waiting for you out on the road.

Give yourself every comfort that helps you feel more relaxed and confident.  And double check you have EVERYTHING you need for your show.

Myself and the amazing team I travel with have a philosophy; that if the people we work with in each city were to hear that we were coming back, would they look forward to working with us again?

The cool thing is we got to see if this was the case.  I was in Edmonton in 2005 with my show The Burning Bush! and we had two great techies at our venue.  A couple years later, I was invited back to Edmonton, this time to do the show at the Citadel, a very nice theatre in town.  We got there and low and behold we had the same two technicians!  How could this be?  What a cool co-incidence, I thought.  They said, “It’s no coincidence.  We saw you were coming.  It was posted on the board and we signed up to do your show.”  Best feeling ever.  So, that’s how we try to roll.  These are the people who work their butt’s off to make you and your show look its best.  Show them how much you appreciate what they do, be pro’s, be polite and for goodness sake, have fun.

I hope this helps!

Happy Trails and Break-A-Leg….
XOX ~Tracey Erin Smith
P.S. What are some of your travel tips and secrets?  POST BELOW!



Instructor Tracey Erin Smith, an award-winning solo performer who has helped hundreds of performers create their one-person shows.
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  1. Safety pins, double sided tape, needle and threads, and take your mother too!!!!

  2. Hi Jodi,

    Yes those are EXCELLENT addition to one’s Soul Survival Kit! Especially one’s mother.

    Thanks for writing,

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